11 August 2009

Gaia Online's New MMO

The following was first posted to Gaia Online on 27 October 2008.

When the Gaia MMO was first announced I was really excited about it. Currently Dungeon Runners is the only quality classless MMO I know of so I was glad to see another one being developed and was really looking forward to beta testing it.

But then the name was announced. Not only does "zomg!" sound stupid to nearly everyone over the age of eight, it's also offensive to those of us who serve the God that that phrase so irreverently references. I'm not easily offended but for me that was just one straw too many coming from Gaia.

For a site that claims to be kid-friendly there is an appalling amount of slutty avatar clothing, sexual innuendo in the comics, and other questionable content on Gaia. "Zomg!" is just one too many for me.

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