15 October 2009

"For Sensitive Skin"

Why is it that nearly everything that's labeled "For Sensitive Skin" contains moisturizers, fragrances, aloe, and other things that irritate my skin? Why can't "For Sensitive Skin" simply mean "no unnecessary crap added"? It would sure make shopping a lot easier for me and result in my poor hands hurting a lot less often.

I can't even buy razors anymore because so many of them have aloe in their lube strips and don't bother saying so on the package. And now I have to be careful about buying soap (SOAP!) because it so often contains aloe and other irritants (my hands were oddly and painfully dried out for several months before my better half noticed aloe listed in the tiny print ingredients list on the massive bottle of Dial that we had purchased from Sam's Club). It's almost like HBA companies don't WANT me to buy their products...

Now I realize that my aloe allergy probably puts me in the minority but there's no reason for EVERY BLOODY SKIN PRODUCT to contain aloe. Sheesh.

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