17 June 2010


This is inspired by a scene in The Princess Diaries (the book not the film).


Mia's grandmother is a drastically different character from her portrayal in the movie. She's so mean that Mia's dad offers to pay her to continue her “Princess Lessons”. When that doesn't work he offers to donate $100 a day to Greenpeace if she'll continue her lessons. As she is quite the eco-freak, that's an offer she couldn't refuse.


Think of the one person in the world who aggravates you more than anyone else. (This part's easy.)

Would you be willing to spend one hour a day five days a week for a year locked in a room with that person if either you were paid $100 a session or $100 a day was donated to your favorite charity (that amounts to $26,000 for those of you bad at math)?

1 comment:

  1. I know what the answer is for me: NO! That's because the person in question gets his jollies by pushing the hot buttons of emotional disturbed people until they explode.

    Since most of my local friends are either autistic or on anti-depressants, that means I've seen him torture far too many people that I care deeply about so no amount of money will entice me to suffer his presence for any amount of time.