02 March 2010

Getting Out of the Basement

Happy Read an RPG Book in Public Week.

For many people, roleplaying games are something to be hated or hidden. But in reality, trpgs (Tabletop RolePlaying GameS) are simply childhood games of cops and robbers with rules to avoid "I got you!" "No you didn't!" arguments. It's not only an entertaining hobby, but it helps keep the imagination active so we don't stagnate as adults.

RaRPGBiP week is a triannual event that encourages roleplayers to bring their hobby out of the basement and into the light of public view. The hope is that the event will increase public awareness of the hobby.

I am unable to participate simply because I'm rarely out in public long enough to read a book unless I'm already at our FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) which would kind of defeat the purpose. But for those of you who do have a life outside the home, take your books with and read them on your lunch break, or between classes, or any other time you can. Who knows? Maybe you'll round up some new players.

Come to think of it: I could use a few more players for the low-fantasy GURPS game I've been itching to run. Maybe I'll take GURPS Martial Arts with me to read while I wait for my prescriptions at Sam's Club tomorrow...

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