21 July 2010

The (Near) Future of Roleplaying

I want to run one of the following GURPS games on Monday nights.  Information on all of them can be found on LinoIt which is also the best place to leave feedback.  If you live near Asheville, NC and would like to play then please either post on the Lino, leave a comment, or drop me a line.  Thanks.


Setting: London 1888
Style: Story-based at the start; expected to last 4-6 sessions

PCs will be investigating Jack the Ripper but things will take a very unexpected turn.

Depending on how things turn out, the game could run much longer and develop a very steam-punky "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" feel.


Concept: Rip off Pokémon
Setting: The various Pokemon settings.
Style: Sandbox

Instead of converting the various Pokémon to GURPS, each player will get to develop a custom Pokémon-ish companion which will stay with him throughout his career.

I won't have any particular story or supervillian in mind (at least at the beginning) but instead will let you wander the world and see what happens.


I've got plenty more campaigns that I'd like to run someday but those are the big ones at present. I've also got plenty of room in my monthly HackMaster 5 game at Hillside Games if anyone's interested. The next session is Saturday after next (the 31st of July).

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